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February 2017 Archives

Benefits of a prenuptial agreement

If you are getting married in Connecticut, you may have been considering a prenuptial agreement. While there are many opponents of this type of agreement, there are just as many proponents. At The Prince Law Group, LLC, we have seen many couples benefit from having a prenuptial agreement when their marriages end. It can be beneficial to you to consider what such an agreement can offer you.

Using a QDRO when splitting retirement accounts

Connecticut residents who are getting divorced should educate themselves about the do's and don'ts of splitting valuable retirement accounts with their spouses. While these assets are commonly part of marital estates, they may or may not represent the best asset for a spouse to receive at the end of the day.

What is joint custody?

During a Connecticut divorce, one of the key focuses is always on custody of any minor children. You and the court want to be sure your children are properly taken care of and their needs are kept in mind during any custody arrangements. If you and the children’s other parent can agree upon custody and both want to remain at the forefront of their care, you may consider filing for joint custody because this will give you both legal custody of the children.

What is a nonadversarial divorce?

Some marriages simply do not work out. The reasons can be various, but every year, couples in Connecticut decide that they are no longer compatible. The state has provided an easier way to end a marriage, called a nonadversarial divorce. This type of divorce streamlines the process to make it much quicker than other divorce options.

Prenuptial agreement guidelines

If you have considerable assets or otherwise worry about what could happen to your finances and real property holdings if your marriage does not last, then a prenuptial agreement can be a good idea. It can also just serve as a peace of mind, setting up conditions for support should a marriage end. Kentucky sets some specific laws regarding this type of legal document. At Prince Law Group LLC, we can help you to put together an agreement, but it does help to know the guidelines before you get started.

Financial documentation during divorce

Any Connecticut resident who has ever gone through a divorce knows how far-reaching the financial implications can be. While the thought of a divorce itself was once far-fetched, other things can often happen during a divorce that a person would certainly never have imagined. Many of these things can seriously and negatively impact a person's financial situation both immediately and for the future.

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