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March 2017 Archives

How far should I go in the best interest of my child?

The question posed above is a tough one, isn't it? If you are a parent confronting the issues of divorce, it can be easy to be torn. For your sake, divorce might be necessary. But as a loving parent, you don't want your child to suffer. You want to act in your child's best interest, and as we noted in a previous post, the court in Connecticut will try to do the same.

How can I make divorce easier for my children?

On this blog, a number of topics concerning children and divorce have been covered recently, from child support to custody issues. However, it is important to remember that divorce can often be most difficult for children. At The Prince Law Group, LLC, our law firm understands how crucial it is for parents to find ways to lessen the emotional burden of divorce and try to make the process easier for their children.

Which legal documents do unmarried couples need?

When you and your partner are unmarried, you may find you need to pay close attention to legal matters. In the event of your death, your plans may not be legal in Connecticut because you are not related to each other by marriage. It is important to understand several kinds of legal documents so your wishes can be respected.

Are alimony payments taxable?

When tax season rolls around, some people are stressed out and have a wide variety of questions. If you recently split up with your spouse, or are thinking about filing for a divorce, it is essential to familiarize yourself with all of your responsibilities, including those which may involve taxes. In Stamford, and cities around the state of Connecticut, understanding where the IRS stands on taxes is vital for those who receive alimony as well as those who make alimony payments.

Ways to make a child custody agreement work

Getting divorced in Stamford is no easy task for many couples with children. Now that custody is no longer an issue; some parents may have concerns about making their parenting agreements work. Many people assume that co-parenting situations are stressful to the children, states Parents who take an active role in their children's lives can minimize the amount of stress their children experience.

Preparing for divorce

You may think that divorce is something which happens suddenly and without preparation. However, like anything else, divorces can be planned before they occur so that Connecticut couples can have a smooth transition while they end their lives together. At The Prince Law Group, LLC, we understand that sometimes you need guidance to navigate this process.

What is Guardian Ad Litem?

In divorce cases where the decision of custody is undetermined, the court may decide to use a Guardian Ad Litem. According to the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, this type of arrangement may come about if you and your ex-spouse are unable to agree on a parenting plan or the situation that seems unfit for the child.

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