Stamford Family Lawyers Offer Reduced Rates for Divorce

Stamford, CT family law firm Prince Law Group, LLC is offering a reduced rate for divorce services for qualifying income individuals.

Stamford, CT (PRWEB) April 03, 2014

Stamford family law firm Prince Law Group, LLC is offering a reduced rate for divorce services for qualifying income individuals. Prince Law Group, LLC understands the cost of divorce and the hardship it can have on income. The reduced rate services program is called Divorcing Soup to Nuts: DSTN.

Individuals whose family income falls between $28,000 and $35,000 will qualify for the DSTN program. Individuals in Connecticut who meet this requirement will have nominal fees for the completion of divorce papers. Over the course of one hour, Prince Law Group, LLC will assist in drafting a summons, divorce or custody complaint accompanied with instructions. Additional services may include sheriff service and preparing financial affidavits.

Prince Law Group, LLC named the reduced rate services program after the common phrase, "from soup to nuts". The phrase refers to the courses of a meal; having a soup course before the salad and a nut plate after dessert indicates "the complete treatment," above and beyond.

Stamford family lawyer Wendy Prince discusses her motivation behind the implementation of this new program. "Divorces, even uncontested divorces, can be very expensive. Some people stay married for the simple reason they cannot afford to hire an attorney to help them file the required paper work. That shouldn't be the case. That is where DSTN comes in."

Connecticut family lawyer Maya Lirtzman-Sivkin, an Associate Attorney at Prince Law Group, LLC, completed a similar program while in law school. Lirtzman-Sivkin says, "It was a great opportunity to give back to the community and help those persons who were unable to hire counsel full time. So many people find legal paperwork very confusing and difficult to work with. This is where we come in. We can jump start them so that the rest of their case is as easy and straight forward as possible."

With DSTN, individuals will be fully prepared to go into court, without the need for an attorney and can complete their divorce. This program is aimed to help those who do not fall within the poverty lines, yet struggle to meet their daily needs.

"These are the people that the program is intended to help. I'm eager for the program to begin so that I can give back to this community," says Prince Law Group, LLC Staff Member Melissa Brecia. Brecia has her J.D. and is waiting her results for the Connecticut Bar exam.

Stamford family law firm Prince Law Group, LLC was founded with the commitment to bring a new dimension to Connecticut divorce and family law services in Stamford. The family law firm offers clients a talented lawyer team that combines experience and skill with an emphasis on personal attention and responsiveness. Individuals seeking assistance in filing for divorce can contact the Prince Law Group directly at 203-653-8483 or fill out the online contact form.