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Child custody: Easing the pain of divorce for kids in Connecticut

Divorce not only impacts the couple, but any children they may have. So, when Connecticut parents work together to ease the sadness and other emotions their children may be experiencing over the divorce, it is in the best interests of everyone concerned. Part of doing that is working together to come to some sort of agreement regarding child custody.

Making sure a child custody arrangement works for the school year

School has started here in Stamford, and that often means chaotic mornings, long drop off lines and extracurricular activities, along with homework. These days are often challenging enough in a home with two parents, but when the parents are divorced and living in separate homes, they can present an even larger challenge. That is, unless the parents took the time to put provisions into place for the school year when they made their child custody arrangements.

When an attorney may be needed in child custody matters

Like many Connecticut parents, you may have attempted to resolve your divorce issues without enlisting the aid of an attorney. Then, quite unexpectedly, things took a turn for the worse when it came to resolving your child custody issues. The following may help you determine when to get an attorney involved, if you do not have one already.

The most important part of your divorce: Child custody

If you are like other Connecticut families going through a divorce, the fate of your family rests heavy on your mind. Deciding how your child custody agreement will look is more than likely preoccupying the majority of your time. Whether you work out an agreement with your spouse or need the court to make the decisions on behalf of your family, it helps to understand what you face.

Know the child custody lingo: Legal custody

When Connecticut parents decide to end their marriages, they face numerous decisions and challenges when it comes to their children. Without an understanding of the lingo they will hear, it might be difficult to make informed decisions. One definition regarding child custody that many mistake for physical custody is legal custody.

When it comes to child custody proceedings, many options exist

When it comes to divorce, Connecticut residents need to make any number of decisions. Some may say that those decisions are easier than the ones that need to be made when it comes to child custody. After all, the choices parents make now could make the transition from one household to two easier or more unsettling. Of course, the experience is rarely ever without at least some stress, but the steps parents take at this point could either increase or decrease it.

When circumstances change after an initial child custody order

No matter what happens in a Connecticut couple's relationship, if they have children together, they will always be bound to each other. The parental bond does not go away simply because a couple does not remain together. During the divorce proceedings, decisions regarding child custody arrangements will need to be made that usually allow each parent to continue to be a part of the children's lives.

Recordings of Alex Jones to be used in child custody case

Family court judges in Connecticut are often left to make difficult decisions that will likely have a significant impact on a child's future. A judge in another state is left to make a child custody determination in the case of the children of Alex Jones, who is known for making inflammatory political comments on his radio show. However, attorneys for Jones claim that he is simply portraying a persona on the radio and that it is not a reflection of his actual personality.

How far should I go in the best interest of my child?

The question posed above is a tough one, isn't it? If you are a parent confronting the issues of divorce, it can be easy to be torn. For your sake, divorce might be necessary. But as a loving parent, you don't want your child to suffer. You want to act in your child's best interest, and as we noted in a previous post, the court in Connecticut will try to do the same.

Ways to make a child custody agreement work

Getting divorced in Stamford is no easy task for many couples with children. Now that custody is no longer an issue; some parents may have concerns about making their parenting agreements work. Many people assume that co-parenting situations are stressful to the children, states Parents who take an active role in their children's lives can minimize the amount of stress their children experience.

We Listen, We Help, We Care

  • Wendy helped guide us through a very difficult and emotional process and was really able to provide an even and fair account for both parties. It's quite evident in her expertise in this area but the way she was able to make you feel safe and secure in a very insecure time goes far beyond her legal prowess. If the two parties are really willing to cooperate and collaborate, she's there to help gain the best possible solution for all involved, especially if there are children.
  • Regardless of how committed one is to the fact that divorce may be imminent and necessary, it is truly one of the most emotional and stressful situations one can experience. It can also be daunting. Wendy has a remarkable ability to cut through the noise and help you focus on the big picture while drilling down on what is most pertinent to your particular situation., they are a formidable team who work collectively with your best interests in mind.
  • Wendy and her staff were a delight to work with. During this difficult process I felt confident that the outcome would be fair and balanced, as it did. Very supportive, always well prepared and very knowledgeable. Would choose them all over again!
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