Attorneys Defending Fathers' Rights in Stamford

Parents should be treated equally. The court system values each parent's role in a child's life. However, traditionally there is a bias that favors the mother for child custody and child support issues without reason.

At the law firm of The Prince Law Group, we have more than 25 combined years of experience in family and divorce law, including helping fathers assert their rights regarding their children. Our lawyers take an approach that is caring, focused and tenacious in defending your rights as a father.

You May Be Surprised

Many of our clients are surprised by some of the changes in law and culture in recent years:

  • Equality: Fathers have rights, the same as mothers, making choices that concern their children.
  • Role modeling: The acknowledgment that the father's role, though different from the mother's, is indispensable in a child's life.
  • Caretaking: Fathers care for their children after a divorce, something almost unheard of in years past. We help fathers continue to be proud caretakers for their children.

Support Issues

If the father is the primary parent, financial assistance may be necessary from the mother to the father for health insurance and medical expenses, day care and extracurricular activities.

Caring ∙ Focused ∙ Tenacious

As a boutique law firm, we pride ourselves in the fact that we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients and their situations. Remaining small allows us to get to know your goals and give you the personal tailored attention you deserve.

We practice exclusively in family law, and have for more than 25 combined years. This allows us to give you intelligent, focused and knowledgeable counsel in your divorce.

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