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New Year’s resolutions during divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2017 | Divorce |

The new year is the perfect time to make a new start in life and some new resolutions. Those in Connecticut who are preparing for divorce may find that there are some goals that may be more beneficial than the typical ideas of losing weight and eating healthy.


First, DivorceMag.com recommends that ex-spouses focus on self-healing. This could be achieved through physical exertion or meditation, such as running or a yoga class. Counseling sessions and therapy may also be in order. Making time for loved ones who want to help can also give sufferers support and company when things get lonely. Embracing new hobbies or favorite interests is another great way to handle the grief that can accompany separation.


Another recommendation is to decide to move on and focus on the present. There are likely feelings of anger and sadness stemming from what has happened in the past as well as anxiety and fear about the future. People should leave the past behind and take care of the future by focusing on the present.


Patience and respect are also great attributes to work toward when setting resolutions for the new year. Anger, jealousy, hatred and revenge will do no good for current relationships with an ex-spouse and the shared children. Setting a good example of taking the high road will make a difference in how the kids feel about the divorce.


Forbes suggest that women preparing for divorce should resolve to become more involved in financial matters. This is especially important to case hearings since all accounts will need to be verified in order to determine sufficient child support.