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Collaborative Divorce Law in Connecticut: A Civilized And Effective Alternative To Litigation In Stamford

Divorce is a difficult thing for any family. The Collaborative process gives spouses the opportunity to decide the details of their own divorce, allowing for what is best for their family.

Attorney Erica Burten Hochman of The Prince Law Group, LLC, has extensive experience and training in Alternative Dispute Resolution can represent you in a skilled and informative collaborative law process.

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative Divorce is a method of alternative dispute resolution which offers a process to parties that is non-judgmental and goal oriented. It is interdisciplinary utilizing mental health and financial neutral as well as attorneys. Professionals are focused on the interests of the parties offering more options for settlement. The process is tailored to foster environments that are conducive to everyone’s success.

Collaborative Divorce is unique because each party is represented by a non-adversarial attorney. The parties agree not to litigate and to utilize a team approach that includes the use of a financial neutral and a mental health professional. With all these professionals involved, the divorce process is supported in a multi-faceted way allowing the couple to make secure and educated decisions about the future of their family.

Benefits of Collaborative Law

Compared to divorce litigation, collaborative law offers some great benefits, including:

  • Efficiency: Collaborative law is quicker and less expensive than the litigation process.
  • Privacy: Avoiding the courtroom allows you to conduct your divorce proceedings much more discretely, working out the divorce agreements with everyone agreeing to complete confidentiality. This approach can be much healthier for the children too, as they don’t have to see their parents fight it out in court.
  • Transparency & Confidentiality: The Collaborative Divorce process is both confidential and transparent. These contradictory concepts exist side-by-side in the same dispute resolution process because the process is designed to be transparent in the sense that all information that may be important to resolving the dispute must be disclosed. Confidentiality in the Collaborative Divorce process extends to all the information exchanged within the process against the outside world. Confidentiality with your attorney still exists in the Collaborative Divorce. Clients are not precluded from instructing their attorney maintain the confidence of information. However, the transparency requirement assures integrity in the process both from a conflict resolution and from a legal standpoint.
  • Control: In divorce litigation, both parties make their arguments before the court, and the judge decides on the issues. In the collaborative divorce process, by contrast, the parties have control over the outcome and the process itself. Additionally, Collaborative Law provides a forum for creative solutions that are tailored to each family’s unique needs and goals.
  • Protection: You still have the benefit of an attorney’s counsel throughout the collaborative law process.

We offer and advocate for the collaborative divorce process, because it is a alternative to litigation that doesn’t add any more stress to an already difficult situation. We have the experience and creativity to represent you well in this process, helping you get a divorce arrangement that is best for you and your children.

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