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Collaborative Law in Greenwich Connecticut

A Civilized and Effective Alternative to Litigation in Stamford

Even when divorce is the best thing for you, divorce litigation might not be. Collaborative law presents a great alternative for people who want to avoid litigation.

At The Prince Law Group, LLC, we can represent you in the collaborative law process. Our attorneys have more than 25 combined years of experience in family law and alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation and collaborative law. Stamford, Connecticut, attorney Wendy Prince is a trained mediator with vast experience in these alternative methods of settling a divorce.

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is an alternative to the traditional divorce litigation process. What separates collaborative law from litigation and mediation is a commitment by both parties and their attorneys that they will not litigate. Both parties agree up front to go through the collaborative process, negotiating and coming to an agreement on all issues outside of the courtroom.

Throughout the process, you are still represented by a lawyer. We have experience in this area of law, and we can be there throughout the process to advise you about your legal rights, obligations, and the consequences of the agreements you make during the collaborative law sessions.

Benefits of Collaborative Law

Compared to divorce litigation, collaborative law offers some great benefits, including:

  • Efficiency: Collaborative law is often quicker and more inexpensive than the traditional divorce litigation process.
  • Privacy: Avoiding the courtroom allows you to conduct your divorce proceedings much more discretely, working out the divorce agreements with everyone agreeing to complete confidentiality. This approach can be much healthier for the children too, as they don’t have to see their parents fight it out in court.
  • Control: In divorce litigation, both parties make their arguments before the court, and the judge decides on the issues. In collaborative law, by contrast, you have much greater control over the outcome and the process itself.
  • Protection: You still have the benefit of an attorney’s counsel throughout the collaborative law process.

We offer and advocate the collaborative law context because it is a process that doesn’t add any more stress to an already difficult situation. We have the experience and creativity to represent you well in this process, helping you get a divorce arrangement that is best for you and your children.


If you are interested in collaborative law, or need any divorce representation, contact us for a free initial consultation.