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If You Have Children, You Must Attend A Parent Education Program As Part Of Your Divorce

Connecticut requires that all parents attend an education program within 60 days of filing their case. The program is six hours and teaches parents how to help their children adjust to a new family structure after the divorce.

At The Prince Law Group, LLC, we support the parent education program and believe the program is helpful as you and your spouse continue to co-parent your children. The more you and your co-parent can cooperate and remain consistent, the easier this transition will be on your children. Our attorneys have a list of parenting education providers in the Stamford area you can choose from.

What Can I Expect From This Program?

The program is called Putting Children First. Facilitators work with parents to learn important skills, including:

  • Understanding what divorce is like for children and what they need to help them through it
  • How to talk with your children about divorce
  • How to listen to your children’s concerns about divorce
  • Games parents and children play during and after divorce
  • How to deal with your anger
  • Conflict-resolution techniques for yourself, your spouse and your children
  • How to create a parenting plan
  • Cooperation between you and your co-parent going forward

There is a nominal fee for the program per person. If you are not working, a waiver for the cost may be available. You and your spouse are encouraged to attend together but may also attend separately.

All of the facilitators are highly trained in the area of human relations and family development. The goal of the course is for you and your spouse to give your children the ability to thrive during and after the divorce and to create a good parenting relationship between the two of you.

Give Yourself The Tools To Help Your Kids Adjust To Life After Divorce

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