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Contemplating Divorce in Connecticut

We are the new dimension of family law attorneys at the law firm of The Prince Law Group, LLC in Stamford, Connecticut. We are a team of compassionate, tenacious attorneys with a passion for the services we provide for people filing divorce in Fairfield County and communities throughout the region.

If you are considering filing for divorce, you need education now. You probably have a number of questions regarding your children, your property and your financial future, but do not even know where to begin. If you are like many people, you have never faced these kinds of uncertainties before. Your steady world that may have once been a source of comfort and confidence is about to change. Staying in control of the outcome is one of the most important things you can do for yourself right now. We can help. Wendy Prince is available to meet clients in the evening often returning from New York City. We are within walking distance from the Stamford Transportation Center.

We Empower You Throughout the Process

We offer a no-cost consultation to answer your questions about the divorce process and what you can expect in your future. This initial consultation will shape your future. The dissolution of your marriage will bring many changes for you and your family. Divorce is not just the end of your old marriage. It is also the beginning of a new future. We empower you to remain in control of that future by making sure you are educated about your options, knowledgeable about realistic expectations and confident in our experience and legal skills.

We Know What Questions to Ask, Even if You Don’t

Most people are so overwhelmed at the prospect of ending their marriages and changing their lives that they don’t know where to begin with their questions. That is where our experience and knowledge come in. Start by meeting with one of our attorneys. We will get at the heart of your concerns and help you feel comfortable with the answers. Change is challenging. It takes courage to make a change.

Are we the right law firm for everyone? Your selection of an attorney is the first of many important decisions you will make throughout your divorce. You will be building a relationship that relies on trust, strength, communication and flexibility. We have helped hundreds of clients – with all complexities of issues involving children and property – come through divorce with a set of realistic expectations and a firm foundation on which to base their future.

Whether you are seeking mediation or a collaborative resolution to your issues or have serious litigation matters that may require going to trial to protect your interests, we have been there before. We are proud of our reputation as aggressive, dedicated and trustworthy Connecticut divorce lawyers with a passion for what we do for our clients.

If You Are Contemplating Divorce In Stamford, Greenwich Or Anywhere In Fairfield County – Call Us. We Offer Flexible Appointment Hours to Serve You Better

From our offices in Stamford, our lawyers provide legal counsel and representation for clients in communities throughout Fairfield County and surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced Stamford divorce lawyer at our firm today.