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Pensions And Employee Benefits Count As Marital Property In A Divorce

You might not think about their value, but you and your spouse must calculate your pensions and employee benefits as you divide your property and assets. To make sure you have what you need for life after your divorce, you need a skilled attorney to help with asset division.

At The Prince Law Group, LLC, we know how to determine what must be included as marital property and how to establish its value. We have guided many people through divorce. We offer representation to individuals both directly and as consultants for those who wish to represent themselves. We also represent couples who opt for mediation or collaborative law.

What Do I Have To Include As Marital Property?

Connecticut state law considers everything you own as part of a marital estate, unless it has been specifically kept separate by a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. This means all of your employee benefits count as marital property, including:

  • Pensions
  • 401(k)s
  • Life insurance plans
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Employee stock purchase plans (ESPP)
  • Unpaid bonuses and commissions

Our attorneys review your finances, as well as those of your spouse, and assess how your assets should be divided between you. We frequently recommend working with a financial planner so each of you understands exactly what you will have, going forward. We may also consult with a pension valuator to determine the value of the marital portion of your pensions so that portion can be divided between you at the time of your divorce or when it matures.

Put Yourself In The Best Financial Position Possible After Your Divorce

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