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Extracurricular Activities & College Costs

One of the primary purposes of the Connecticut child support guidelines is to provide uniform procedures for establishing an adequate level of support for children, and for repayment of child support arrearages, subject to the ability of parents to pay.* Under Connecticut law, minimum child support obligations are set according to a formula that takes into account the income, debt and parenting time of both parties. The child support calculation determines a base minimum of support, an additional amount to cover day care and un-reimbursed medical expenses, but does not take into consideration the extra costs of raising a child, particularly when the family has assets and is accustomed to a certain lifestyle. The cost of extracurricular activities and attending college is significantly more than the formula takes into account.

Additional support to cover extracurricular expenses can be negotiated or litigated as a component of the final divorce settlement or post-divorce modification. If you are involved in a custody and support case involving the necessity of payment toward extracurricular activities in Southern Connecticut, talk to an attorney at The Prince Law Group, LLC in Stamford. We are a leading family law firm with decades of experience helping people resolve their complex child support issues with efficiency and cost effectiveness.

We can help you resolve issues involving additional levels of child support through age 21 for:

  • Participation in sports: dues, equipment, travel fees and programs
  • Participation in extracurricular school activities: tutoring, school programs, trips, lunches, programs, teachers appreciation gifts
  • Automobile expense: Drivers education, license, insurance, gas /oil
  • College: College consultants, applications, school visits and allowances and maintenance throughout college years.

College Costs

The Post-Majority Education Rule allows the court to make a court Order regarding payment of college costs. This Order will depend on the parties ability to pay for college and the likelihood the child would have attended college had the marriage not dissolved. One of our main objectives here at The Prince Law Group, LLC is to secure a college education for your child.

We Work to Resolve Issues Without the Need for Costly Litigation

Co-parenting may be contentious and emotional between parents but it doesn’t have to be. We know that most parents want to do the right thing for their children. Whether it’s a support issue or a parenting one, a resolution can be handled in skillful negotiations, without the need for costly litigation. We do everything possible to find solutions that make sense to all parties, while tending to the best interests of the children. If litigation becomes necessary, we are tenacious, knowledgeable and effective attorneys with a record of success on behalf of our clients.

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