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How The Mediation Process Works

The Prince Law Group, LLC is recognized as a prominent family law firm in Stamford, Connecticut, and Attorney Wendy Prince offers mediation services for couples seeking to resolve their issues outside of a court of law. Attorney Wendy Prince leads the mediation services with extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, collaborative law and family law litigation. Attorney Wendy Prince is available to meet clients in the evening so you can continue your workday. We are a service-oriented family law firm. We offer complimentary valet parking for our clients.

Why Mediation?

  • Mediation is a sophisticated, non-adversarial process that offers significant advantages over divorce litigation. From the first step through the final signed settlement agreement, parties remain in control. Some important things to know about mediation are:
  • Mediation follows the same court procedures as litigation. Parties are expected to work out their differences through negotiations and the judge presides over the final agreement.
  • Mediation involves the use of professionals. Parties are free to rely on the advice of independent experts to gather information about specific issues. Each party may hire his or her own specialist, or rely on a network of specialists recommended by The Prince Law Group, LLC.
  • Mediation is significantly less expensive. The parties engage in a series of directed negotiating sessions to develop a settlement agreement. The sessions are supervised by Attorney Wendy Prince and they result in the terms of a Divorce Agreement, which remains in the parties’ control.

We Help You Stay in Control of the Mediation Process

The Prince Law Group, LLC is a new dimensional boutique law firm offering mediation, collaboration, litigation and limited-scope representation. Your final Divorce Agreement is a court judgment and must be approved by a judge. It is essential that the contract language adheres to the standards of what is fair to both parties. Therefore, only an experienced litigator is competent to advise the mediation clients regarding what options are available in making decisions. Attorney Wendy Prince is a leader in mediation practice, bringing knowledgeable advice and experience in divorce litigation procedures to the table.

Flexible Appointment Schedule to Meet Your Needs

While mediation is a less expensive process, complete top-notch divorce procedures are followed. In the mediation process, the same level of care is provided for each case, including the use of independent professional services. Our firm has access to a network of independent experts available throughout the mediation process, including:

  • Business valuators
  • Licensed real estate and personal property appraisers
  • Tax specialists
  • Pension and retirement accountants
  • Licensed financial professionals
  • Parenting plan coordinators

Divorce should be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Short-cuts are not an option.

Learn more about our mediation services at these information pages:.

Is Mediation Right for Your Divorce? Call Stamford Mediator Wendy Prince With Your Questions.

If you think mediation may be an option worth considering for your divorce, start by discussing your circumstances with an experienced mediation attorney at our firm. From our offices in Stamford, our lawyers provide legal counsel and representation for clients in communities throughout Stamford / Greenwich, Fairfield County and surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced Stamford divorce mediation lawyer at 203-653-8483 today. We can also provide mediation services in New York. Contact us at 914-930-2982.