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Skilled Connecticut Maintenance And Spousal Support Attorneys

Alimony is an area of divorce law where experience and knowledge can make a tremendous difference in your case results. Contact a spousal support lawyer at The Prince Law Group, LLC to consult with an attorney with both the experience and skill to ensure that your legal and financial interests are protected when it comes to spousal support.

Be Smart About Alimony

Divorce can be an emotional time for all parties involved. Our experienced Stamford law firm knows how to allocate support payments as a piece of the overall dissolution or contract.

To benefit our clients, our Connecticut alimony attorneys encourage them to focus on goals, by managing debt, engaging in a child’s college education or becoming an empty nester. Alimony is taxed as ordinary income to individuals; the payer of spousal support receives a tax deduction. Our knowledgeable lawyers can assist you with the tax implications of alimony verses property division.

Our Connecticut alimony attorneys routinely assist clients with the following spousal support issues:

  • Calculation of spousal support
  • Alimony percentages
  • Implications for retirement assets
  • Tax consequences of alimony

Calculate Our Benefits

The lawyers at The Prince Law Group, LLC have more than 25 years of experience in dealing with percentages of divorce. With this experience comes knowledge about alimony guidelines. We work closely with your financial case to diminish your tax burden associated with the divorce. At The Prince Law Group, LLC, we know how to intelligently optimize alimony or property, depending on your income tax needs. When you visit our office with questions about alimony laws, our skilled attorneys are as likely to pull out a calculator as a law book.

Contact a Stamford Alimony Attorney

Contact a Connecticut alimony attorney who can strategize about the financial impact of alimony and child support for you. You can also call us at 203-653-8483.