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Counseling, Protecting And Advocating In A Connecticut Divorce

It is an unfortunate fact that many marriages end in divorce. If you are looking into the possibility of a divorce, if you have been presented with divorce papers or if you and your spouse have agreed that this is the best course of action for both of you, the most important question may be, “What happens next?”

At The Prince Law Group, LLC, we can help you answer that question, as well as many others. Our attorneys will give you the information you need to make informed, conscious decisions about your future. We have successfully helped many couples use divorce mediation and collaborative law to come to an agreement they can both accept, so they can move on with their lives. We are also experienced trial lawyers who can negotiate or litigate a dispute between two parties.

We offer a variety of services including:

  • High net worth divorce – For couples who need to consider the division of significant marital assets and property.
  • Contested divorce – If you and your spouse cannot agree on some or all factors of how to divide your lives, it may be necessary to take your case before a judge.
  • Planning divorce – You have questions, we have answers. Planning your divorce before you act can help you stay in control of the outcome.

We can also help you answer questions about your divorce, including those about proving fault in a divorce, such as:

What To Look For In A Divorce Attorney

When you are looking for someone to represent you and your best interests through your divorce, you need to be sure they are giving you the dedicated and experienced reputation you deserve. We work closely with our clients to learn about their unique needs before creating a plan that reflects their individual needs.

Understanding The Connecticut Divorce Process

While every divorce has unique factors based on the divorcing couple, the Connecticut divorce process follows the same milestones, including:

  1. Filing paperwork to begin the process
  2. The divorce case opens
  3. Filing the notice of automatic court orders
  4. Case management
  5. Fact gathering and parenting review
  6. Negotiation to resolve the divorce
  7. Trial (if negotiations do not resolve the divorce)

No matter what stage of the divorce process you are on, we can step in to offer you the guidance you deserve to resolve things quickly and efficiently.

What Are The Differences Between Contested And Uncontested Divorce?

In an uncontested divorce, couples work together through negotiation to resolve their divorce. By settling things outside of court, the spouses have more control over the details of their divorce agreement, and their lawyers can help them stay civil and focused on the matters at hand.

Uncontested divorces occur when negotiations fail to resolve the divorce or one or both spouses cannot work together. In these cases, the couple will present their sides to a judge in court, and the judge will ultimately determine the details of the divorce agreement.

Is A Separation Period Required Before Divorce In CT?

State law does not require a separation period before a spouse files for divorce. However, a separation period can provide a couple with the opportunity to resolve their differences, work on their marriage, or confirm a divorce is necessary.

Do You Need To Prove Fault In A Connecticut Divorce?

Everyone has the right to seek a divorce in Connecticut courtrooms, which is why these courts do not require a spouse to prove fault against the other one. This also means that your spouse cannot interfere with you pursuing a divorce just because there is no fault present.

Take Control Of Your Own Future

Divorce is a process. You can run it or you can let it run you. We prefer to give you the tools you need to run it so you obtain the most favorable outcome. If you are contemplating divorce, you have a lot to consider. Regardless of the stage you are at, we recommend that you read our page on hiring a divorce attorney.

We know this is a difficult decision. We will guide you all the way through to the end.

We Are Here To Help You Find The Answers You Need

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