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Experienced Stamford Child Support Attorneys

Whether child support is an issue raised during a divorce or between unmarried parent pursuant to the Connecticut state guidelines and typical Fairfield County activities, it is essential that these matters be settled in order for the children to be properly supported. A knowledgeable attorney can review your situation and determine the best way in which to handle your child support questions and concerns. When you need skilled and experienced representation, contact a Stamford child support lawyer at The Prince Law Group, LLC.

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Divorce is an emotional experience for you and for your children as well. Our attorneys will work shoulder-to-shoulder to know what is in the best interest of your children, what the terms of visitation should be, or what dollar figure will constitute support of your child. You need an attorney knowledgeable about Connecticut child support guidelines who has 25 years of experience in family law situations in and out of court.

Greenwich Payment Guidelines Attorney

Our attorneys know that Connecticut state guidelines define child support as basic room and board, as well as any unreimbursed medical expenses and daycare costs. However, there are other significant costs associated with raising your children in Fairfield County. Attorneys at our Connecticut law firm also know the real cost and tax consequences of child support.

Child Support Modifications

If your original court order, or foreign judgment allows modification, such as the gain or loss of a job, it is possible to go to court and have the alimony and/or child support order modified. It is important that the modification is sought through the courts and not just handled on your own, as it would not be enforceable or you could be held in contempt for nonpayment.

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For clear answers and aggressive representation on alimony and/or child support matters, contact our firm about Connecticut child support guidelines. Our experienced lawyers are qualified to represent clients in the state of Connecticut.