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Debt, Bankruptcy And Divorce Lawyers In Connecticut

Many people considering filing for divorce think a great deal about the expense, future income and financial support, but forget that debt is also considered marital property. If you are considering filing for divorce in Connecticut and you know that bankruptcy is a viable option for eliminating or restructuring your debt, it is almost always advisable to complete your divorce proceeding first.

If you are considering filing for divorce and know you will file bankruptcy, it is almost always to your advantage to complete the divorce first. You will have a clear picture of the debt assigned to you in the divorce judgment.

Experience Handling Divorces Involving Personal and Marital Debt and Assets

Schedule a consultation with an attorney at The Prince Law Group, LLC in Stamford. We will answer your questions about how personal and marital debt will affect your divorce settlement. If you are already involved in a bankruptcy filing or know you will be filing soon, we will work closely with your bankruptcy attorney and your spouse’s lawyer to determine the exemptions you will qualify for after your divorce. We will also help you determine whether any of your debts may be classified as personal or business debt and not subject to shared distribution as marital property.

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