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Stamford Attorney For Legal Agreements to Stay Married

For those couples wishing to remain married, the process of marital mediation is available. Couples may choose to work through their disagreements and solidify a plan to remain married by entering a contract on issues such as financial and custody.

At The Prince Law Group, LLC, in Stamford, Connecticut, our firm strives to do what is best for our clients. In some cases, it is a dissolution of marriage, in other cases it is a marital agreement and contract. Our firm will draft a contract that addresses family law legal issues to help clients through their divorce and other matters in order to help clients stay married. Contact a lawyer at our firm today to discuss your case and needs.

A legal agreement to stay married may be reached between the parties. This is a way for a couple to put in writing the things they have agreed on in order to stay married.

Marital Mediation to Stay Married

Mediation is a process where both parties engage cooperatively to settle issues that matter to their marriage or divorce. Marital mediation will address your issues in order to stay married.

Reaching the Best Solutionf

Our firm, The Prince Law Group, LLC, and with the possibility of other professionals such as financial experts and therapists, help with your case. Whether it is a legal agreement to stay married or proceeding with a divorce, we work to see that your best interests are served by whatever approach we take.

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