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It is often said that when a divorce goes to court, only the lawyers stand to gain. While a contentious divorce may be necessary to resolve in court on some occasions, the fact is that seeking a collaborative resolution to property and custody settlements can often save parties a substantial amount of money.

If you have questions about whether divorce mediation is right for your Connecticut divorce, call The Prince Law Group, LLC in Stamford to arrange a consultation. Attorney Wendy Prince is a trained mediator with almost 15 years of experience as a divorce mediator professional. She will explain the process and assist you with options under our Connecticut Family Law Statutes that solve issues which arise during the divorce process. If you choose the mediation process, this experience will result in a complete top-notch fully negotiated Divorce Agreement. Wendy Prince is available to meet clients in the evening often returning from New York City. We are within walking distance from the Stamford Transportation Center.

It Makes Sense to Compare Mediation Costs to Expensive Litigation

Mediation clients of all income and asset levels benefit from mediation. Litigation fees for attorneys and court costs can be tens and hundreds of thousand dollars. Mediation is a fraction of that cost. Where a litigated divorced can cost $50,000 for each party, a mediated divorce could cost as low as $2,500 combined. People of high net worth, who recognize that their divorce is inevitable, often turn to mediation to maneuver through the process with the least amount of animosity, while preserving financial assets that might otherwise pay for legal fees.

Both parties come together to make joint decisions to use the mediation process to resolve issues in their divorce. Unlike litigation, the parties will work directly with Attorney Wendy Price to prepare court documents and negotiate a final settlement. The parties will remain ‘self-represented’ in the court system while fully supported by The Prince Law Group, LLC.

How Does It Save Money?

Divorce mediation is a process for bringing the parties together in a safe and workable environment. Each party will submit to the other financial documents to review within a series of mediation sessions. The mediator’s role is to facilitate discussions about key issues that require a resolution, while informing the parties regarding the law and court expectations. The divorce mediator may present several options for the parties to consider and review while continuing the open discussion on resolving the family’s issues. The parties remain in control of reaching their own settlement agreement, often within a few mediation sessions, rather than turning the matter over to lawyers who argue in an adversarial process in a contested divorce hearing before a judge.

We Have Access to the Independent Resources for the Information You Need

Often, one or both parties may come to the table with trusted professionals regarding financial planning, taxes, real property and parenting specialists. If not, we can make recommendations for you. When you hire Attorney Wendy Prince as your Divorce Mediator, we work together with your trusted professional support system so your team continues to work cohesively to secure your financial future. Wendy Prince is available to meet clients in the evening often returning from New York City. We are within walking distance from the Stamford Transportation Center.

Does Mediation Always Save Money?

The total cost of mediation depends on the number of sessions you require. In general, mediation is less expensive than litigation; however, there is no guarantee. The final cost often depends on the parties’ ability to negotiate in good faith and willingness to reach a fair agreement on contentious issues. Parties are not bound to remain in mediation if they cannot come to agreement on some issues. Typically mediation may involve four to six sessions.

Learn More About How Mediation Can Save You Money

From our offices in Stamford, we provide mediation services for clients in Fairfield County and communities throughout Southern Connecticut. Call us at 203-653-8483, in Westchester County at 914-930-2982 or contact us by e-mail to arrange an initial consultation with trained mediation professional Wendy Prince.