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How Connecticut couples can keep things amicable during a divorce

Couples making the decision to end their relationships often do so with a range of emotions -- from sadness to hurt to anger. Connecticut couples going through a divorce are able to do so (even when emotions are running high) in an amicable way for the emotional welfare of each individual and for any children they share. There are just a few things to remember about keeping things civil.

Coming to the realization that divorce has an impact on everyone involved is essential. When a spouse understands that his or her former partner is also likely experiencing stress -- in other words, putting oneself in their shoes -- it may make for some increased empathy. Understanding, too, that when children see that their parents are making the best of what is likely a sad situation for them, it might help kids to more easily come to terms with a new living situation.

Some fathers claim mothers favored in child custody cases

When a couple divorces or separates there are a host of issues about which decisions must be made. For those Connecticut couples who have children, child custody is one of the most important decisions there is. Many fathers, however, have been claiming that they're getting the short end of the stick when it comes to their kids after they've parted ways with their mothers. 

Many divorced men feel like the system has let them down when it comes to their children. A number of men claim they are not getting the same rights when it comes to issues like child custody and child support. They believe the law looks upon women as being the better caregivers and so it is more difficult for them to get fair treatment in the court system. The men say they're often dealing with old-fashioned judges who believe custody should be given to mothers.

Getting an appraisal is a smart step in your Connecticut divorce

Ensuring a fair outcome in divorce isn't a straightforward process. There are many unique considerations that you need to reflect upon to protect yourself. From determining what assets are separate property to creating a comprehensive list of all the assets you've acquired during marriage, there are many steps you can take to improve how fair the asset division process is.

Putting a price on certain assets can be difficult, while others are more clear cut. For example, your retirement account has a fixed financial value. Other assets, including items whose values fluctuate over time, may be harder to put a price on. You probably think you know the value of your home. You pay taxes on it and probably even have a mortgage. However, the amount of your mortgage may not represent what your home is currently worth.

Divorce: Claiming Social Security on an ex-spouse's work record

A spouse who is no longer married may be able to come by some extra income thanks to his or her former spouse. Some Connecticut individuals who have gone through divorce could collect Social Security benefits through the work record of their former spouses if their circumstances meet certain conditions. For instance, the former spouse needs to be entitled to receive Social Security or disability benefits.

Unless a former spouse is deceased, a qualifying person can claim up to half the benefit based on the former spouse's work record. If the ex is deceased, the former spouse may be able to collect the ex's entire benefit. Those who remarry and whose second spouses die could claim benefits through their first ex-spouses or their second ones, but the 10-year marriage rule applies in either case.

Family law: Helping children process major life changes

There is nothing more important to parents than the well-being of their children. Family law in Connecticut looks to put children's best interests first and that means parents need to see to their kids' overall well-being, which includes their emotional health. Some children have difficulty processing monumental changes in their lives and that could include the divorce of their parents, death of a loved one or a major move. It's important that parents allow their children to have a voice to process these changes. 

There are a number of things parents can do to help their kids and one of the most crucial is communicating with them. Announcing major life changes by having a family meeting in a situation where a child feels safe to make his or her feelings known may be the first thing to do. Letting kids express their emotions in whatever manner they feel most comfortable with, is a wise idea. It's necessary for children to know they won't be ostracized for their feelings. 

Divorce: The difference between child support and alimony

When a couple decides their marriage is over, there may be a number of questions each person has that need some clarification. Divorce can be complex and Connecticut residents in this position need to know that all financial support isn't the same, nor is it equal. For instance, there are significant differences between spousal support (alimony) and child support.

Essentially, spousal support is paid from one spouse to another after a divorce. Depending upon the financial situation of the couple, a judge may order support to be ongoing, for a specified amount of time or until the payee remarries. Spousal support is not automatically granted; one spouse must ask for it. 

Is money the culprit behind most divorce cases?

Money can either bring out the best or the worst in many people. It seems that it can be the root of all evil in a divorce situation. Many Connecticut couples cite money problems as one of the main reasons their marriages erode. Recent studies have shown that financially disadvantaged couples were more apt to divorce rather than those who were more financially stable. 

Researchers also looked at the differences regarding the perception of finances between husbands and wives of various socioeconomic backgrounds. It was found that wives of couples who were in lower income brackets were less satisfied in their relationships than were their partners. In fact, women who started their marriages with higher sociodemographic risk started married life with less satisfaction and that only declined more as the years went on.

Should you work with a child therapist during divorce?

Children are in a difficult position during a divorce. Even if the divorce is advisable, they are watching as their world is turned upside down. Kids can struggle, and they sometimes deal with it alone as their parents face their own difficulties.

They once relied on the fact that both parents would be in their lives each day. They were familiar with their home and surroundings. Now, changes are constantly occurring.

The financial impacts of a divorce in Connecticut

People whose marriages are coming to an end may have to dig deep into their pockets. Connecticut couples who are thinking about divorce may be interested to know that the average cost of a divorce today hovers around $15,000 per person, according to recent statistics. There are other considerations, too, besides the potential financial costs. 

There are primarily three issues to consider when considering the financial aspects of divorce: whether the divorce is amicable, how long the process may take and the choice of an attorney. There is no one divorce fits all and how much a couple will be out of pocket depends upon their individual circumstances. Much also depends on whether a couple is willing to work together to come to a mutually agreeable settlement to keep things out of court.

TV personality Larry King files for divorce from wife number 7

Larry King and his wife of 22 years are calling it quits. Connecticut residents may know Larry King best for his television talk show. His 7th wife, Shawn, said that her husband's recent filing for a divorce came as a surprise to her. Larry, 85, and Shawn, 59, have two grown sons.

The divorce papers cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. This isn't the first time Larry filed for divorce from Shawn. The two mended fences some years back. He withdrew a petition in 2010 after the couple reconciled. Shawn was a singer and TV presenter when the couple married in 1997.

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