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Which age group accounts for the most divorces?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2023 | Divorce |

In 2020, the New York Department of Health documented 35,810 divorces in the state. Most divorces involve those between the ages of 25 and 39, with 30 being the average age.

But why is this age group most likely to have a marriage end? Certain factors play a role and could be why age 30 is the average for those seeking a divorce.

Changing interests

The twenties are a time of personal growth and exploration. Many people use this period to understand themselves better, identify their values and determine their long-term life goals. This self-discovery can lead to a reassessment of the compatibility and shared aspirations within a marriage.

Financial issues

By the age of 30, many individuals have achieved a certain level of financial independence and stability. This financial security can embolden people to pursue divorce if they feel unhappy in the marriage. The ability to sustain themselves financially gives them the confidence to face the challenges of divorce and embark on a new chapter.

Social pressures

Social dynamics and changing norms also contribute to the trend. Unlike earlier generations, societal pressures to stay in an unhappy marriage are no longer there. Divorce does not have a stigma to the same extent, and people are more willing to take the step if they believe it is the right choice for their happiness. As a result, couples are more likely to separate when faced with difficulties instead of enduring a lifetime of discontent.

Personal fulfillment

Furthermore, the quest for personal fulfillment has become increasingly important. Individuals in their thirties often prioritize their own well-being and happiness. If a marriage no longer contributes positively to their personal growth and happiness, they may choose to end it in pursuit of a more fulfilling life.

While every situation is different and averages are simply a number, it does make some sense that divorce is more common for people in their 30s. Life changes and people now realize they do not have to stay in a marriage if it is not providing them what they need.