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Month: November 2020

Saving money on your divorce

Divorce is often a very expensive process. Naturally, many people concern themselves with possible child support and alimony payments. Many worry about division of property as well. However, it is possible for the actual cost of your divorce process itself to cost...

What is a Joint Tenancy and How Can it be Terminated?

A “joint tenancy” is a form of joint ownership of real property.  Joint tenancy is similar to “tenancy in common” in that certain rights and duties come with joint tenancy, but joint tenancy includes a right of survivorship.  A right of survivorship means that if a...

When should I take my divorce to court?

Divorce is not always a difficult, drawn-out process. Of course, usually the decision to get a divorce is fraught; however, some divorces are ultimately very amicable and almost write themselves. Collaborating on divorce usually is beneficial to all parties. However,...