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Who covers extracurricular and back-to-school expenses in a divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2023 | Family Law |

Would it surprise you to learn that the divorce rate is actually lower than in the last few decades? In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau found the divorce rate in 2019 was 37% (827,2611 divorces out of 2,254,404 marriages), down from between 40-50%.

Divorce is not easy on anyone, especially when divorces involve children. Child support and extra expenses can be unclear. Therefore, this is what you should know about extracurricular and back-to-school expenses.

Sole physical custody coverage of expenses

When you got divorced, the courts determined how much money you had to pay or would receive in child support. The judge intended this amount to cover all expenses, especially in sole physical custody cases. The judge intended for the child support to cover all extracurricular activities and back-to-school expenses as well as the regular costs of raising your children.

Joint physical custody of expenses

If you received joint physical custody, a judge may order you and your spouse to pay for half of these expenses. The custody agreement and child support order should stipulate that you share these expenses.

What you can do

First, try to work out an agreement with your former spouse on the extra expenses. Do your best to negotiate a solution that works for you both. This is often the best option. However, you can also return to court to request an increase in your support. The judge may or may not adjust your support. However, you often need to prove significant circumstantial change to gain this increase.

As children grow and change, their interests do as well, which can increase your expenses. Learning your rights and responsibilities can help you manage these increases.