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Using Mediation To Create Your Divorce Agreement Can Have Many Positive Long-Term Effects

We acknowledge that divorce is a difficult and emotional process. No one plans to get divorced. However, if you and your spouse can commit to work together to reorganize your lives, each of you will be able to rebuild your lives and gain satisfaction, respect and dignity as part of the mediation process. More importantly, you are more likely to be happy with the results.

At The Prince Law Group, LLC, Wendy Prince has used divorce mediation to help many couples work through issues, such as property division, child custody and spousal support. Attorney Prince brings almost 20 years of litigation experience to her mediation clients, assisting in difficult decisions by working directly with both parties. She is able to help you maintain control over the outcome of your divorce and get you the tools necessary to move forward with your life.

Why Should I Choose Mediation?

Mediation offers many benefits:

  • Cost — Mediation is significantly less expensive than a contested divorce.
  • Time — By working together to come to an agreement, your divorce will be processed much more quickly than if you have to go to court.
  • Less stress — Coming to a compromise can result in less stress for you, your spouse and your children during, and after, the divorce process.
  • A better working relationship going forward — When you and your spouse each feel like you were treated fairly, you are more likely to be able to cooperate in the future. This can be very important if you have children.

We are one of the leading family law firms in Stamford, Connecticut, and we are well-known for our mediation services. You will get the same quality service from our law firm, regardless of what method you choose for your divorce. If necessary, there are professionals available for issues such as:

  • Business valuation
  • Financial planning
  • Tax specialists
  • Parenting plan coordinators

We will handle all of the paperwork and the creation of the final divorce agreement to be submitted to the courts. Our goal is for you to have the best possible outcome in your divorce.

Let Us Help You Get Through This With Dignity And Respect

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