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Real Estate Evaluation And Divorce In Stamford, Connecticut

Most of our Fairfield County Stamford, Connecticut, clients own real property. Some have their principal place of residence, and some have several properties, including vacation homes, investment properties, and real property located out-of-state. How these assets are divided in a divorce is not a simple matter, and requires expert advise and consultation in the hands of experienced lawyers.

The attorneys of the law firm of The Prince Law Group, LLC have more than 25 combined years of experience in divorce and family law. Most of our work has involved high net worth divorce and division of complicated property and investment interests. We have the experience and resources to handle your real estate division.

Questions Regarding Real Estate Valuation and Division

For every divorce, there are questions regarding the real estate involved that need to be valued and divided at the time of divorce or in the future. Especially in the context of divorce litigation, where matters are generally more heavily contested and adversarial compared to collaborative law or mediation, many of the more complex details regarding real estate value need to be solved.

Our attorneys have experience solving real estate questions like:

  • Is the property considered a marital asset?
  • Who has title?
  • How is the real property mortgaged?
  • Is there more than one property between the spouses?
  • Are there siblings or other family members who have some ownership interest in the real estate?
  • Is the real estate owned as primary residence or as an investment, as part of a business, for example?

All of these questions add layers of complexity to the divorce proceedings. Our detail-oriented attorneys can help you identify the most advantageous arrangement possible in your divorce.

Household Property

The items inside the house will also be valuated for purposes of asset division. We have the experience and the resources to valuate things such as wine collections, rugs, furs, furniture, jewelry, arts, antiques, heirlooms, and firearms collections. We can valuate these types of items in a way that is fair and reasonable, always looking out for your interests.

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