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Your Caring Child Custody Mediation Lawyers Serving Stamford And Greenwich, Connecticut

Mediation is more dignified, respectful and cost-effective when compared to a divorce trial. At The Prince Law Group, LLC, we believe that divorcing spouses can benefit from divorce mediation.

In a divorce, issues related to parenting time, visitation schedules and child support must be considered as parents restructure their families. Mediating these issues can create an amicable relationship between parents and among extended family members, which benefits the children.

To learn how mediation can help you create a new beginning for your family and children after a divorce, contact Wendy Prince, a caring mediator and lawyer at The Prince Law Group, LLC.

Divorce and child custody mediation opens communication lines for the future. An amicable, respectful divorce is the recipe for healthy kids after a divorce.

Is Child Custody Mediation Right For You?

Many of our clients choose mediation because it is cheaper and it provides more privacy than a divorce trial. In addition, the parties involved in mediation are responsible for making decisions regarding their family’s future, rather than a judge who has limited knowledge of their unique situation. Fathers who fear that they might not see their kids again are also assured that, by working with their children’s mother, their father’s rights and position will be protected.

Trained mediator and attorney Wendy Prince will guide you and your spouse throughout the process. She can help you amicably work out parenting time, visitation schedules, and a plan for sharing your children’s birthdays, holidays and vacations. Her goal in child custody mediation is to keep emotions from taking over, allowing parents to make agreements that are best for them and their children.

Types Of Child Custody Matters That Can Be Handled During Mediation

You can take advantage of mediation to find a solution to any conflict related to child custody, such as:

  • Whether you and your co-parent should share parenting time, or one parent should have sole physical custody and the other receive visitation time.
  • The specific parenting time or visitation schedule.
  • Which parent will have the children during specific holidays and festivals, such as birthdays, national holidays and religious celebrations.

How Can Mediation Consider Future Child Custody Needs

A thoughtful child custody order is not only based on your children at their current age. As they grow up, their needs will change. A smart plan should work effectively long-term.

Nobody knows your children better than you and your co-parent. Mediation empowers you to develop a plan that is in their long-term best interests and adapted to their individual needs.

Can A Child Custody Agreement Be Revised Through Mediation?

Like virtually all court orders related to family law, a child custody order can be modified after it goes into effect. As time goes on, events can make the current custody arrangement no longer appropriate, such as a parent moving out of state or the child growing older and expressing a desire to live with one parent full-time.

Mediation can bring both sides together to discuss the proposed modifications in a private and parent-controlled setting. If you and your co-parent successfully mediated child custody matters in the past, you can expect it to work again to adjust custody as needed.

What About Child Custody Mediation For Civil Union Dissolutions?

If you are dissolving a civil union and want to provide the greatest protection and benefit to your children, we can help. We can help you privately resolve issues related to joint custody/primary custody, parenting time and visitation schedules, as well as alimony, taxes and other issues related to dissolution.

If you need to reorganize your family after a divorce and create a parenting plan that benefits both parents and children, contact a child custody mediation attorney at 203-653-8483 today.