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Our Attorneys Work With Financial Planners To Help You Find Economic Balance In Your Divorce

In many relationships, issues such as budgets, executive compensation, capital gains, retirement accounts and taxes are a puzzle. Often one spouse has command of the finances while the other has different responsibilities. This can create many questions in addition to a severe imbalance in a divorce, regardless of whether both people contribute to the household income.

The attorneys of The Prince Law Group, LLC, in Stamford, Connecticut, may encourage the use of a financial planner during your divorce so both parties understand the marital finances and how income and assets are allocated. We have guided many couples through the divorce process. Finances can be one of the more contentious issues, especially when one person does not have all of the information. Consulting with a financial analyst, who remains neutral, may put both spouses on an even footing.

If You Do Not Know How Your Income Will Work In The Future, How Can You Work On A Settlement Today?

Our goal is to make sure you start your new life with the resources you need to thrive. You cannot do that unless you know exactly what your financial status is, right now. That way you can plan for what you want to do going forward, knowing exactly what resources you have at your disposal. Financial planning in a divorce is a very good way for you to assess your situation.

We may recommend that couples going through a divorce consult with a financial planner, including our mediation or collaborative divorce clients. We can make a referral, or you can seek one on your own. A financial planner can be the neutral party you both need to help you evaluate your situation and make informed decisions so you can both move on with your lives sooner, rather than later.

Financial Education Is Power In Structuring Your Divorce

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