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Parenting Plans & Relocation: Post-Divorce Modification Lawyers Serving Clients Throughout Southern Connecticut

Relocation is one of the most emotional issues in our Connecticut family law practice. Our modern, mobile society means that parents are often required to change their work hours, commute long distances or relocate to another city or state to seek an employment opportunity. Any change in the original schedule requires mutual agreement or a court-approved modification for the parties involved. When one parent seeks to relocate a child, the matter can become extremely complicated to resolve.

If you are a Connecticut resident seeking a change to your original parenting plan or are involved in a petition to relocate your child to another city or state, talk to an attorney at The Prince Law Group, LLC in Stamford. We have experience with parent and child relocation.

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Attorney Wendy Prince is a trained mediation professional with experience helping parents find solutions to complex and emotional custody and parenting issues. We work quickly, efficiently and professionally to help you secure the post-divorce modification needed for you to follow your career or personal goals that require you to move out of state. And for the parent opposing the other parent’s relocation and any related modifications to the divorce order, we offer the same years of experience and commitment to helping you.

You don’t have to stay locked into an inflexible parenting plan that doesn’t work.

By working together, parents can make their parenting plan as flexible as they need it to be. We will work with you to find creative solutions that work for the courts, the parents and, above all, the children involved. If relocation is successful, then options may include parenting time at one long weekend per month, holidays and summer visitation.

We Can Make It Work for Your Situation

Every divorce with children involves a parenting plan – a plan articulating the details of:

All of these factors of a parenting plan, no matter how carefully considered at the time of inception, need to be altered if one of the parents needs to move. We have helped make parenting plans work for ex-spouses living across the street from each other, or across the country. Every parenting plan looks different, but it is important to know that relocation does not have to be detrimental to the child. It is possible to continue shared custody even if you live in different states.

Life changes; career or personal opportunities often lead people to relocate. We can help you make the personal and professional moves you need to make, while maintaining a parenting plan that can work for everyone.

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