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Stamford Connecticut Child Support Modifications Lawyers

At The Prince Law Group, LLC, in Stamford, Connecticut, we understand that situations change, and an agreement that worked a few years ago may no longer be feasible. Perhaps an on-going medical condition or the loss of a job has made it impossible for you to comply with existing court orders. No matter the situation, a dedicated and aggressive attorney can protect your interests during these difficult times.

If you recently lost a job and are unable to pay alimony or child support, modifying an existing divorce agreement may provide much-needed relief. Contact the experienced family lawyers at The Prince Law Group, LLC for a consultation.

Our post-divorce modification attorneys are experienced litigators who understand what it takes to be successful in court. They will gather evidence or a substantial change in circumstances. This preparedness and attention to detail enables them to present strong and wholly compelling modification arguments to the court.

Please note, you do have the option of making an informal agreement with your ex-spouse. However, the agreement is not legally valid, and you can still be held in contempt of court for failing to comply with the original order.

Protecting Your Monthly Support Income

In addition to representing individuals who want or need a post divorce modification, our divorce lawyers also represent those seeking to challenge a modification. Often the payee – person receiving the support – depends upon the monthly income to care for their children or curb their costs of living. Losing this financial support would prove to be financially devastating.

Our lawyers are skilled at helping clients challenge modifications and enforce existing orders. Because we understand both sides of the issue, we can put together an effective and aggressive argument on their behalf.

Modification of Other Divorce Orders

We represent parents either seeking or challenging a modification of child custody and visitation schedules. Reasons to seek modification of child custody or visitation schedules may include:

  • Child’s school or extra-curricular activity schedule changed
  • Parent remarries
  • Parent needs to move to another city or state
  • Child is older and requests a different plan
  • Parent is deemed negligent

To find out how we can help modify an existing order or challenge a proposed post divorce modification, contact a Stamford family law attorney at The Prince Law Group, LLC today.