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Your Skilled Complex High Net-Worth Divorce Mediation Lawyers At The Prince Law Group, LLC

What if you have sizable assets that you do not want to make public? Can you protect your assets in a more cost-effective way than a long divorce trial?

At The Prince Law Group, LLC, our divorce attorneys help divorcing couples understand how mediation can be a cost-effective alternative dispute resolution method.

Once our clients understand what mediation is, many of them realize that working together is a suitable way to resolve issues in their high net worth divorces. In divorces that involve complex and sizeable assets and property, divorce mediation can be more cost effective, more private and more likely to ensure positive relationships in the future.

Divorce Mediation: Cost-Effective

To ensure equitable distribution, your residences and vacation homes, businesses, pension and employee benefits, employee benefits, and other assets.

Divorce Mediation: Less Embarrassment

Mediation will allow you to come to agreement out of court, working together with your spouse and mediator and attorney Wendy Prince to value businesses and employee benefits, as well as resolve alimony, child support, property division, and child custody arrangements. You will have to make only one court appearance to secure a judge’s approval, rather than endure a public trial.

Divorce Mediation: Protect Relationships

A divorce trial can strain already tense relationships. Divorce mediation puts you and your spouse on the same team to resolve issues important to both of you. To learn how mediation is particularly positive for making child custody and parenting time arrangements, please read our Mediation and Child Custody.

Divorce mediation promotes respect and allows divorcing couples with large assets the privacy they want. Is mediation right for you in your high net worth divorce? Contact our Stamford, Connecticut divorce mediator at The Prince Law Group, LLC today.