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When divorcing parties are unable to resolve disputed issues in mediation or negotiations, the litigation matter will proceed to a hearing involving a judge. Attorneys or self-represented clients argue their respective positions in front of a judge, who will make decisions based on the evidence provided in the hearing. Litigation in contested divorce hearings can be expensive and emotional, often involving long hours in court, scheduled at the availability of the court. Unfortunately, parties may lose control of the outcome if they are unable to resolve issues and the judge must rule on the matter.

Empowered to Remain in Control Over Your Decisions

If you have been unable to resolve contentious issues through mediation or other collaborative process in your Connecticut divorce, talk to The Prince Law Group, LLC in Stamford.

The central philosophy of our divorce litigation services is strength, tenacity and empowerment. No matter how contentious a dispute becomes, you will always be kept fully informed about the progress of your case and educated about the process. We do everything possible to make sure you remain in control of making decisions about a proposed settlement.

Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

With our experience, we are able to cut through to the foundation of the issues that escalate disputes into costly litigation.

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