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Stamford Lawyers for Post-Judgment Custody Changes

Connecticut family law courts recognize that people’s lives continuously change even after their divorce judgment is final. We expect parents to meet their obligations regarding the health and the best interests of their child. If one parent is not living up to his or her obligations and you need to compel contribution, then come to The Prince Law Group, LLC for help. A post-judgment modification would be filed in court and a hearing date will be issued. A GAL may be appointed. A negotiated Agreement is the first choice; however, if litigation is necessary we have years of experience in modifications. We have success in modifications.

We Help Clients With Their Modification Needs in Courts Throughout Southern Connecticut

If you feel it is time to pursue a change in your custody arrangement or are seeking a change of custody in Southern Connecticut, talk to an attorney at The Prince Law Group, LLC in Stamford. We will explain your rights and your options for protecting your children’s interests and your rights. We practice in the area of Connecticut family law and are tenacious protectors of our clients’ rights in contested divorce and contempt hearings.

Modifications Don’t Always Have to Involve Litigation

Often, we are able to find solutions to disputes that otherwise might end up in costly and emotional litigation. We are skilled and knowledgeable negotiators and collaborative law professionals. Attorney Wendy Prince is a trained mediator with extensive experience helping people come to a resolution outside of the court room. Let us review and evaluate your case and help you determine your best options for seeking a modification to your custody arrangement.

Experienced Greenwich Parenting Plan Modification Attorney

From our offices in Stamford, our lawyers provide legal counsel for clients in family law courts in Fairfield County and communities throughout Southern Connecticut. Call us toll free at 203-653-8483 or contact us by e-mail to arrange an initial consultation with one of our experienced Stamford attorneys for post-judgment custody changes.