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Technology may aid coparenting

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2017 | Child Custody |

It only stands to reason that communication can be a struggle for Connecticut spouses who get divorced. This reality therefore sets up a pretty substantial hurdle for parents who must continue to communicate and work together even once their divorce is over. Even the best of intentions can make it all but impossible to retain civil attitudes when dealing with someone who is associated with so much angst in one’s life.

Today’s divorced parents, however, can take advantage of technology to help them in their coparenting efforts. Tools like 2 Houses or Our Family Wizard put the power of apps to work for divorced parents and their children. Every app has different features but one of the most common is the ability to use the app as a central repository for information that both parents need access to for their children.

These apps can also be used as vehicles for communicating which only further simplifies life and keeps all child-related information and messages in one place. It can also eliminate the need for parents to communicate live in some situations. This is very beneficial for parents who have difficulty in maintaining positive interactions. Reducing the number of in-person conversations may help to reduce conflict levels overall. This is good for parents and children alike.

Some apps give parents the ability to track and sort financial expenditures related to their kids and even to transfer money to and from the other parent. Food allergies, health issues, school and extracurricular activity schedules and more can all be kept and found in one place.