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Recordings of Alex Jones to be used in child custody case

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2017 | Child Custody |

Family court judges in Connecticut are often left to make difficult decisions that will likely have a significant impact on a child’s future. A judge in another state is left to make a child custody determination in the case of the children of Alex Jones, who is known for making inflammatory political comments on his radio show. However, attorneys for Jones claim that he is simply portraying a persona on the radio and that it is not a reflection of his actual personality.

Jones and his ex-wife divorce in 2015. At that time, they agreed that Jones would have primary custody of their children with his wife limited to supervised visitation. However, his ex-wife is now seeking to change those initial arrangements. She argues that his behavior on his show makes him unfit as a parent; however, he claims that his show is simply satire. A judge has recently ruled that his political ideologies cannot be used against him, but certain clips showing him as a parent can be included.

Although the children’s mother homeschooled them before placing them in an elite school, some reports indicate that Jones struggled to answer basic questions about their education, in some instances blaming his memory issues on a large meal. However, recordings of her mother allegedly show her yelling at the children. A guardian ad litem involved in the case to protect the interests of the children claims the interactions are emotional abuse.

While many parents in Connecticut are able to put aside their differences in order to co-parent and create a child custody plan, many are unable to do this. In some cases, there may be accusations of abuse, for example, that could complicate the process of making these decisions. When a court must intervene, parents likely want a professional with family law experience to speak on their behalves and fight for the best interests of their children.

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