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When it comes to child custody proceedings, many options exist

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2017 | Child Custody |

When it comes to divorce, Connecticut residents need to make any number of decisions. Some may say that those decisions are easier than the ones that need to be made when it comes to child custody. After all, the choices parents make now could make the transition from one household to two easier or more unsettling. Of course, the experience is rarely ever without at least some stress, but the steps parents take at this point could either increase or decrease it.

Choosing the right custody arrangement for the whole family may not always be easy or popular with everyone involved. If Connecticut parents agree on a type of custody, they may work together toward a mutually satisfying custody arrangement. If they disagree, they could end up with the court making the choice.

In either case, the best interests of the child need to be put first. In court, this remains the standard even though many judges attempt to give the children as much time as possible with each parent unless the evidence shows that one parent is unfit. In some cases, a joint custody arrangement simply will not work because of where each parent lives or what their schedules are. When parents negotiate their own terms, usually with the help of their attorneys, it is often easier to tailor the agreement to the family’s unique needs and desires.

Regardless of the type of child custody arrangement chosen, it ought to provide the children with access to each parent (except in certain circumstances such as abuse), a workable routine and a transition with which they can adapt. The end of a marriage does not have to be the end of the family. The children need to know that just because changes are happening, that does not mean their parents no longer want to be part of their lives.

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