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Couples don’t have to use divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2017 | Divorce |

Facing the end of a marriage is an emotional time. Perhaps making it even more stressful is the barrage of media coverage telling Connecticut couples that divorce mediation is the way the way to go. In fact, the media may actually border on shaming people into feeling as though their divorce will not be successful if they end up in court.

In truth, using mediation is often a more cost effective, less timely and less contentious way to handle the divorce. However, there are cases where the level of cooperation and compromise needed in order to benefit from mediation just is not there. Some couples are not able to sit down together and negotiate their own settlements for a variety of reasons.

For instance, if one or both parties believe that their position on the relationship and how the marital estate should be split is the only correct way to handle it, then the courtroom may be the place for such a couple. Other couples simply are not in a place where they can acknowledge that the other party will be moving on without him or her. Not everyone can sit down be happy for the other party or even act as though that were the truth.

Just because a Connecticut couple needs to involve the court in the divorce does not mean that they will be fighting tooth and nail for the china. It may simply mean that they are not able to work together at this point. Every family is unique, and if a couple needs the guidance of the court in order to get through the process, they should not allow the media, family or friends to make them feel any less about themselves because of it.

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