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Be sure you feel comfortable with your divorce attorney

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Divorce |

Choosing an attorney is like choosing a doctor. If he or she fails to listen to one’s needs and desires, a Connecticut resident could end up worse off than he or she was before. When one is getting a divorce, this could be a disaster financially and as a parent.

One issue that some Connecticut residents have with their attorneys is that they do not feel comfortable divulging personal and intimate information. When it comes to divorce, this is often a prerequisite for beginning the process. Therefore, an individual needs to find someone with whom he or she feels comfortable enough with to have an uncomfortable conversation.

Communication needs to be clear between a client and attorney in order for the relationship to work well. If an individual feels as though the attorney is just not understanding what is needed, then it may not be a good fit. In addition, if the client does not deal well with the attorney’s routine method of communication, an issue could arise. Like with any other relationship, the one between an attorney and a client is based on mutual respect and trust. The client trusts the attorney to remain on top of his or her case, and the attorney trusts that the client is being honest and understands that no outcome can be guaranteed.

When a Connecticut resident needs an attorney to assist with a divorce, that relationship should not be a tense one. As an individual goes through the process of dividing the marital estate and determining custody for the children, it often helps to know that an experienced advocate is in his or her corner. This relationship may only last for a time, but it is an important one that needs to work well in order to ensure that the best outcome possible is achieved.

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