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Child custody: Easing the pain of divorce for kids in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Child Custody |

Divorce not only impacts the couple, but any children they may have. So, when Connecticut parents work together to ease the sadness and other emotions their children may be experiencing over the divorce, it is in the best interests of everyone concerned. Part of doing that is working together to come to some sort of agreement regarding child custody.

Statistics show that 50 percent of kids born in the 1990s will spend some time in a one-parent home. There are ways to make the transition easier on children. Change is difficult for most people, especially for children, many of whom view divorce as the end of their lives as they have known it. Children fear uncertainty and if their parents can tell them exactly what changes are coming in terms of when they will spend time with each parent, where and how, it will be less stressful for them moving forward.

It is wise to always put the children first, especially when it comes to custody issues. In many circumstances, mediation is the best way to fashion a custody agreement. Any reasonable means to keep the situation out of court would be prudent. Parents can control the situation if they work together to iron out custody details.

A Connecticut attorney experienced in family law can help his or her client with child custody issues. A lawyer will work with the client to ensure the best interests of any children are the top priority. He or she will make sure a parental plan reflects the individuality of the particular circumstances.




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