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Why some Connecticut couples divorce after decades of marriage

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2017 | Divorce |

Gray divorce — a term used for couples who divorce after the age of 50 — is on the upswing. Gone are the days when divorce was a bad word. Some Connecticut couples who have been married for decades are breaking with the convention of their generation and divorcing rather than continuing to stay in marriages that perhaps haven’t worked in years.

One of the reasons many of these couples give as the main reason why they decide to divorce is simply because they have grown apart. After the children leave the nest, some couples realize they no longer have much in common. Age is cited as another reason. Some people reach a certain age and begin to question things and such soul searching might lead to rebooting life as a single person.

Forty years of routine may lead to another leading cause of divorce — simply, boredom. Being in a rut for years could take its toll on a marriage and some long-time couples can’t seem to rev up their married lives. Some couples just stop trying at some point which is when the subject of divorce may be brought up.

There are many ramifications surrounding divorce at a later stage in life. There are issues to be discussed, like the division of property. There is the financial aspect to consider as well. Divorce is never easy at any point in a marriage, but when a couple has amassed so many joint assets, if could be even more difficult in respect to finances. A Connecticut family law attorney would be the wisest person to whom to turn for answers relating to divorce, especially when there are gray areas.

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