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Divorce in Connecticut when one spouse holds dual citizenship

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2017 | Divorce |

There are all kinds of issues that surround divorce. Some can be more complicating than others. For instance, what happens in a divorce situation when one partner holds dual citizenship? How do the laws of another country affect divorce in the United States, including the state of Connecticut?

Things become especially complicated when children are involved and one spouse wants to take them out of the state or the country to live. Dual national residents must adhere to the laws for which they hold citizenship. It is likely the divorce would take place in the country in which the couple is currently residing. If that country is not the United States, the noncitizen partner must be aware of the laws that govern that nation since not all laws governing divorce are the same.

If the couple lived in the foreign country at the time of their divorce, it’s likely they would be considered divorced in the United States. There may be exceptions, however. If children are involved, it might be prudent for the spouse who is an American citizen only to look into international custody issues and to enlist a legal team to help with the complicated laws that go along with it.

A Connecticut lawyer experienced in family law could help in such situations. He or she would be able to ascertain the validity of a foreign divorce in the state. A lawyer would be able to go over all foreign documents with his or her client to ensure the divorce is recognized in the United States.

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