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Prudent things to note about collaborative divorce in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Divorce |

The best divorce scenarios happen when the two people involved agree to bring things to the table to discuss them rationally. That might be difficult to do in certain divorce circumstances, but collaborative divorce in Connecticut might save a lot of time and money. Help can be found with attorneys and divorce mediators.

Spouses initially meet separately with their respective attorneys and then together. Other specialists can be brought into the mix such as financial planners, accountants and specialists who deal with child custody issues. Both individuals usually sign a document that stipulates their attorneys will not represent them in court should an agreement not be reached. 

The collaborative process can help in a divorce situation in several ways. It can give the situation some stability moving forward.  No one is coerced into sharing information; the negotiated settlement works for both parties; both agree on how certain issues will be handled after the divorce and both agree on all legal procedures, which could cut down on cost and time.

If the collaborative process works, a judge in family court will still have to approve the agreement which should only take a brief time. An uncontested divorce is much simpler since litigation is unnecessary. Legal help will be needed to prepare any paperwork for the divorce to be finalized.

Many attorneys act as mediators in divorce situations. Those who have questions about collaborative divorce and how it might be able to avert stress, high divorce costs and time would do well to speak with a Connecticut lawyer experienced in family law. An attorney may also be able to provide the contact for other professionals who might be able to help with the collaborative process.

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