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Divorce is no long a four letter word

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2018 | Divorce |

There used to be a time when just the mention of the word divorce would cause all kinds of embarrassment and shame. But divorce has become commonplace in the 21st century, and instead of hiding in the shadows like people used to do in the 30s and 40s, divorced couples can hold their heads high since splitting up these days doesn’t hold the stigma it once did. So, Connecticut couples who divorce no longer have to view themselves as relationship challenged.

There are many reasons why some married couples divorce. It could be a mutual decision based on growing apart or a decision of one partner because of an abusive relationship. Whatever the reasons, they are personal and don’t not reflect on an individual’s value.

A family therapist says divorce is about starting anew and more and more people understand that it is morally acceptable. The key to feeling better about a breakup, the therapist adds, is for people — especially women who often blame themselves — to consider talking to a therapist or someone who is a trusted, good listener. However, those who experience ongoing negative feelings may benefit by seeking professional help.

Connecticut residents who are in the midst of a divorce or who are thinking about separating might find much help by getting legal counsel. An attorney would be able to provide guidance in terms in the legalities of divorce, but also may be able to provide the names of experienced family counselors who may be able to help those experiencing unresolved feelings about their divorce. A compassionate attorney may be an invaluable person for those seeking answers to often complex divorce questions.

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