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Should there be physical separation before divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2018 | Divorce |

Ending a marriage is a decision most couples never enter into lightly. Divorce is not only stressful and potentially costly, but it can affect other aspects of life such as friendships and family relationships. But if a Connecticut couple has tried and they see no way to fix their marriage, perhaps physically separating before making a final decision to divorce may help each person make that final decision to either reconcile or to divorce. 

However if a couple is physically apart for more than a few months without moving ahead with a decision either way, they could be leaving themselves financially vulnerable. Experts suggest doing a few things if that is the case. Firstly, both individuals should have a firm grasp on shared, marital finances. If one partner has basically handled the money in the marriage, it’s time for the other to step up and learn what’s going on financially. It will give each a clear picture of debits and credits.

In terms of credit, this would be the time for each person to obtain individual credit cards. If cards were always shared jointly, it would be time for each person to establish individual credit. All joint cards should be paid off and cancelled.

A Connecticut attorney could write up a legally binding separation agreement while a decision to legally divorce is bandied about by the couple. Each partner should have such a document viewed by his or her own attorney. A lawyer will ensure the agreement is in the best legal interests of his or her client.    

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