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How virtual visitation works in Connecticut child custody cases

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2018 | Child Custody |

In the technological age there are different ways that divorcing parents can spend time with their children. Part of that might include virtual visitation when kids in Connecticut can visit their parents via Skype, webcam or with other computer software. This sort of visitation may also be written into a parenting agreement or mandated through a child custody order, and it is usually a noncustodial parent who has moved away that uses this type of visitation.

Virtual visitation does not replace real face-to-face time with children, which is needed on a regular basis. But for a noncustodial parent who lives far away from his or her kids, it can be a bridge to conventional parenting. This type of visitation can be instrumental in maintaining the bond between absent parents and their children.

With webcam and Skype visits on a regular basis supplemented by real visits, a parent can still read bedtime stories to his or her children. Parents may even be able to help their kids with their homework virtually. Technology can be helpful in some instances when it comes to children and divorced or divorcing parents.

A Connecticut lawyer is in a position to offer guidance to his or her clients when it comes to child custody laws and local court procedures. Virtual visitation is better than no visitation at all. When it comes to having no connection with a parent who has moved away and a connection via Skype or other technology, the latter is preferred. Children thrive when they have interaction with both parents, even if it is over a computer.




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