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Life after divorce in Connecticut can be peaceful

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2018 | Divorce |

As the song says, breaking up is hard to do. But life after — and even during — divorce can eventually be happy and peaceful again. Living life as a single in Connecticut can take a little getting used to. Happiness is a choice, no matter what life throws into the mix. Being mindful and living in the moment might help with the stresses brought on by the end of a marriage.

Being in the moment — in other words, relishing every instant instead of looking back or ahead — seems to have a calming effect on most people. Mindfulness exercises like meditation or yoga can focus attention on the present. Live in gratitude and appreciation rather than in anger and animosity.

When people live by the core values, no matter what else is going on around them, they seem to be able to handle it and even grow from it. By setting boundaries and living by them, most people can handle the negatives in life, and there is no sugar coating it — divorce is usually seen as one of those. Make time to get together with friends and family who are supportive and to lend an ear for them when they need one as well.

Forgiveness is the biggest contributor to happiness. In a divorce situation there are likely many things to forgive on either side, and in doing so, the two individuals can move on with their lives — even in happiness perhaps. In affirming the good things in life, those less so become less likely to cast shadows on life.

Couples who find themselves in a possible divorce situation would do well to seek individual legal counsel. A compassionate Connecticut attorney might not only be able to shed light on the legalities of divorce, but also offer names of others who may be able to help such as family counselors. Being educated about what happens during a divorce will lessen the fear factor, which ultimately leads to a sense of peace for both people. 

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