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Dealing with child custody problems in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2018 | Child Custody |

To say that divorce is sad is an understatement. When a marriage breaks down for whatever reason in Connecticut, it means the family dynamic also changes. If the couple has children, child custody issues come into play, and they, too, aren’t always without problems. Co-parenting in two different households can be overwhelming, not only for the parents but for the children, too.

But when parents both decide to put their children’s best interests first before anything else, things may go much smoother than if they try to outdo each other. When a parent has physical custody of a child, it means the child lives with that parent most of the time. Legal custody refers to the parent who has the authority to make legal decisions for the child, such as health decisions, where the child goes to school, etc. Many parents may want joint physical custody, but they have to ask themselves if that is what’s best for the child.

Even when the break-up was difficult, when parents work together to iron out their differences when it comes to their children, they still have control. When custody issues head to court, a judge makes those decisions, and neither parent may be satisfied. Flexibility is crucial when it comes to child custody and co-parenting.

When former spouses can’t agree on the terms of child custody, they both need to enlist the help of individual lawyers. A Connecticut lawyer may be able to help his or her client present a case in court as to why he or she believes one situation may be better than another for the children. Having a lawyer put together a strong case may help a family court judge make a prudent decision.