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The 4 big issues that may lead to divorce in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2018 | Divorce |

Marriage takes open and honest communication. There are some issues that may take a marriage into territory from which there is no returning. These four big issues, if not rectified, may escalate to the point of causing a Connecticut couple to divorce. They’re known as the four As: adultery, abuse, agendas and addiction.

For obvious reasons, adultery is taboo in a marital union. For most married people, it is considered morally reprehensible and the major reason for a marriage falling apart. Infidelity is often the icing on the cake to other issues going on in the marriage that have not been dealt with. Abuse is also the death of many marriages. Emotional and physical abuse can leave a partner feeling isolated and scared and usually culminates in a marriage breakdown if it is ongoing.

Addictions can rear their ugly heads in relationships, causing them to erode. These addictions could involve alcohol, drugs, gambling, and to a lesser extent, things like food and work. But, when partners make a concerted effort to work together to help an individual overcome an addiction, a marriage may be better for it. As for agendas — partners would do well to adapt to how each changes over the years and learn to support each other as they grow individually and within the relationship. Couples who are on completely different pages may end up closing the book permanently. 

There are times that no matter what a couple does they just can’t seem to continue as a couple. A Connecticut divorce attorney may be able to help his or her client to negotiate a divorce settlement when it comes to the marital estate. If the process doesn’t involve litigation, it may be less costly and quicker than having to battle it out in court.