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Disagreements that can ultimately lead to divorce in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2018 | Divorce |

Nearly all people who enter into a new relationship bring baggage with them — figuratively as well as literally. Some issues that persist in a marriage and continue to rear their ugly heads every time a Connecticut couple has a disagreement pave the way for an unwanted trip to divorce court. Experts say that there are certain things some couples can’t seem to rectify and knowing what those are may help to create positive communication, so they don’t become a problem in the relationship.

Couples who are parents may be at odds as to who should be the authoritarian figure to the kids. Who does the disciplining? They may be at odds as to who is the fun one and who sends the kids for a timeout. Compromise is key in these situations, according to experts. Parents who take turns being the ‘meanie’ with their kids may find this ultimately becomes a nonissue for them.

Sometimes it’s not about clashing at all, but about not feeling valued enough. One partner make think he or she does more in the relationship and doesn’t feel appreciated. Dividing the chores is one way around this often contentious issue and saying thank you every once in a while to a spouse goes a long way. Other areas that might cause some angst are opposing viewpoints like one partner being more conservative, while the other has a more liberal viewpoint. Sometimes it’s best to agree to disagree and leave it at that, though one spouse appreciating the status quo while the other thrives on adventure can also take its toll, so compromise once again is key here.

When Connecticut couples’ differences become burdensome in a marriage, it can cause all kinds of strife. A lack of communication and compromise can ultimately lead to divorce. In the event of a marriage breakdown, an attorney’s advice could be invaluable. Knowing what the divorce process entails could help a client to come to a potentially life-altering decision.