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Children’s stress can be minimized in divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Divorce |

In Connecticut and elsewhere, divorce is almost always a source of stress. Even in the most amicable of divorces there are emotions that have to be settled. Lives are changed, plans are changed, dreams are changed and everything is changed, so emotions are completely normal. The two spouses getting divorced aren’t the only ones who have an emotional investment in the situation; their children do, too. With some work and dedication, the emotional impact of divorce on the child can be minimized.

Divorce is especially emotional for children. Their lives are completely turned upside down, and they have absolutely no control over what is going on. Suddenly their parents live separately, they have to split their lives between two separate homes, and everyone acts differently than they always have. It is a very alienating and stressful time for them. By trying to minimize the changes the children encounter, the parents can help the children better adapt to their new lives.

The children should endure the least change possible. Although the parents are living in separate houses, the houses should follow similar lifestyles. They should have similar rules and schedules. This provides a sense of normalcy and stability for the children. The terms of the divorce should be settled with the children being put first.

Parents should always resist minimizing the other parent in front of the children. The parents should never speak negatively about each other or fight with each other when the children are present. They should work together and never put the children in the middle of their disagreements.

With effort and dedication, parents can work together to make their split less stressful to their children. It takes work and self-control, and the most important element of a successful transition is effective communication. Parents can find support in therapists and counselors who can help them approach the divorce with a positive attitude. They can also receive a great deal of assistance from their attorney. An experienced divorce attorney can guide the parents through the Connecticut divorce process with clarity and understanding, helping to minimize the stress of the situation for the parents, and therefore, also decreasing the stress on the children.