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Family law: Marriage contracts can strengthen relationships

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Family Law |

Marriage contracts can actually make marriages stronger. Under family law, Connecticut couples are able to fashion either pre or postnuptial contracts that open the lines of communication regarding issues that could cause problems in the future. When a couple approach a marriage contract with the notion that having one means they want the best for each other no matter what happens, it may be accepted as a necessary part of the financial aspect of the relationship.

Marriage contracts aren’t only for the rich and famous. Everyone has some assets they want protected in case the unforeseen should happen and a couple ends up divorcing. A prenuptial agreement can be as individual as the couple itself. Such a contract can always be modified after the wedding has taken place.

Postnuptial agreements have actually been known to save marriages. It can be drafted at any time after marriage has taken place and can address issues such as property division, and how finances and debts will be taken care of should the couple divorce. Such a contract may help a couple to become aware of possible issues that may threaten their relationship at some point so they can work toward rectifying them.

Writing legally binding, comprehensive marriage contracts is something with which an experienced Connecticut family law attorney can help. A lawyer can also help an unmarried individual in a relationship with a cohabitation agreement. Marriage agreements may be an option for a couple before or even after they get married. An attorney can explain the benefits of each and how a contract may be beneficial for each individual client.