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When should you ask the courts to increase your child support?

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Securing a divorce decree at the end of a Connecticut divorce doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is completely over. Many times, particularly in families with children, there will be cause to return to the court in the future. Even if you don’t have kids, if you receive spousal support, you may find yourself back in court to review the original support amounts eventually.

The courts will periodically review the support every few years to ensure it is still reasonable and necessary. However, it is also possible for you or the person paying the support to ask the courts to review the amounts because of a change in circumstances. Both the person receiving support and the person paying support have the right to request a review.

Those who receive either spousal support or child support often wonder about their rights as a recipient. A common source of curiosity is when circumstances merit asking the courts to increase the amount of support. The answer to that is somewhat unclear. Generally, there should be a significant change in circumstances if you hope to secure a modification of a court order of support.

Sometimes, you can secure a modification when your situation changes

Perhaps you lost your job. Maybe your child recently received a serious medical diagnosis and you can no longer work full-time. There are myriad possibilities that could impact both your income level and your financial needs. Perhaps there are major expenses looming. Generally speaking, when your circumstances change dramatically, that can influence how the courts view support.

If your child requires expensive medical care or if you will suddenly need to secure different childcare facilities at a higher cost, that could provide grounds for a modification. You will typically need to demonstrate to the courts that your financial needs or your earnings have changed substantially since the time of the order to grant a modification hearing based on your circumstances.

Sometimes, you can request good fortune support modifications

Did your ex recently secure a promotion or raise in the career that you supported them in during your marriage? Did they come into a massive inheritance that you believe could benefit your children? There are some financial circumstances that impact your spouse that could be grounds for a support modification.

Good fortune changes to support aren’t common, but they can happen in some situations. These situations tend to get complicated, so it is in your best interest to sit down with a Connecticut family law attorney sooner rather than later to discuss your options. Once you have consulted with an attorney, you can then make an informed decision about whether seeking a modification will be beneficial in your case.